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Relaunch and Rebrand: Slothing Around Latin America

Welcome to my first blog post back after 18 months out. Way back then, in what seems like a previous life, I had finished up my stint leading tours in Central America and I was about to start my mammoth 171-day tour of South America. From Slothing Around Central America, to Slothing Around Latin America, this blog is evolving quickly like a well-reared Pokémon.

I’ve returned to this blog via the inspiring photos popping up in my Facebook Memories from last year. I had a job to blindly lead a group of tourists around 79 cities I had never been before (apart from my previous home, Buenos Aires). I had no days off for just under 6 months, I was sometimes working 20-hour days, but I was always on call for any tour or group issues anyway. I have never been more tired, or more stressed out, than over that tour. But I have also never felt more alive.

When events are changing rapidly all around you, it’s easy to live purely in the moment and not reflect on what you have achieved. Every day I wanted to see, or do, or learn something new. It’s a philosophy I’ve kept with me. I haven’t quite forgotten the small details of the people we met, the stories we heard, and the places we visited. It’s important to reflect on those memories from my previous life. As always, I hope you find them as entertaining as I do.


Slothing Around Central America

I’ve been working as a tour leader around Central America for nearly 9 months now. Above is the map of the usual 7-week tour I run. It’s about time I chronicle the travel stories I’ve accumulated.

As I was brainstorming for this blog I tried to come up with snappy titles that would draw a prospective reader in. I decided on the current SACA title even though the verb ‘to sloth’ is somewhat made up. Plus my Autocorrect keeps changing it to “Clothing Around Central America”, a fashion blog which, given my lack of dress sense, would be a lot more boring. I can only hope the Oxford English Dictionary will soon recognise “slothing” as a legitimate verb.

All views, opinions and bad jokes are my own; most photos are borrowed from Facebook or Google Images. I’ll try my best to make sure all posts are, above all, entertaining, but personal details will be kept to a minimum. This is a public blog, after all. I hope you enjoy it!