My Favourite Place: Caye Caulker, Belize

It seems harsh to choose just one favourite place on tour, but this is the place: it ticks all the boxes. Caye Caulker was the first slice of Caribbean island life I ever tasted and I always look forward to returning. The main activities on CC are sunbathing, snorkelling, and chilling. Especially the last part.

In actual fact, the island motto is ‘Go Slow’, and locals will implore you to ‘Go Slow’ if you’re walking a little too quickly down Front Street. Even with this speed limit, you can easily explore the whole town in 20 minutes, especially with only Front, Middle and Back Street to cover. There are no cars on the island, only golf buggies and bikes, and the roads are paved with sand.

The Split, pictured above, is the birthplace of the radioactive-green- coloured ‘Lizard Juice’ cocktail. Its secret recipe remains unknown, but all anyone knows is that it contains enough rum to knock you for six. Late-night activities also may include pole dancing in the local I&I reggae bar. Unpoleivable. You beta Belize it.


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