‘Your Driver Is Too Drunk To Drive’

On New Year’s Eve last year, we were catching a bus from Belize City westwards to San Ignacio, when we had an unexpected delay. We had arrived at the bus terminal just in time for the 1pm departure but we ended up waiting a good 15 minutes on the bus. Eventually a security guard came on board and informed us that they were sourcing an alternate driver, as our designated driver was “too drunk to drive”. Classic Belize. Although, to be fair, this relaxed culture towards drinking and driving is prevalent all over Central America.

Police checkpoints with breathalysers are as rare as jaguar sightings. I recall a past taxi driver actually drinking from a bottle of Corona as he drove me. While the awareness campaigns and education of the dangers of drink driving are improving, there is a long way to go yet.



*Side note: I’m finally back on tour so blog posts have become a bit less frequent. I’ll keep updating when I have free time. Until next time, keep slothing.*


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