Tour Leader Translations

We were on the usual 6am bus from Copán to San Pedro Sula, destined for the island of Roatán, when I was up front with the driver negotiating our food stop. (Side note: if you know me, you’ll know that a food stop is a key factor for my happiness). I was telling him that I’d like a stop before SPS, since we were making good time, but I mentioned we were going to the food corner at the terminal anyway. He suddenly looked at me wild-eyed and gave me some bad news, which I had to relay to the group:


Me: “Alright lads, we’re going to hop on the next bus directly!”

Client: “But I thought we could grab some food in San Pedro?” [Meaning: Chill out, dude]

Me: “But this way we get to Roatán quicker!” [Meaning: I’ve just been told four people were shot here earlier, let’s get the hell out of dodge]


Tour leader translations are sometimes necessary in Honduras.


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