Zip Lining Towards the Pacific

Zip lining is one of the coolest activities we do in Costa Rica (and there’s plenty of competition for the best activity in Ticoland). It’s hard to beat the sensation of flying through the air, over forests and valleys, towards the Pacific Ocean in the distance. There are plenty of companies in Monteverde but my personal favourite is ‘Extremo’. The clue’s in the name – it’s the fastest one. Plus there’s a 950m-long Superman zip line at the end as a reward.

You might think I’m one of those speed junkies who loves all adventure sports, but in reality I’m a big scaredy-cat for heights. I had to push myself to even try zip lining, because I thought I’d bottle it. But maybe that’s why I ended up enjoying myself so much! It’s important to push yourself and work on your weaknesses. Having said that, with bungee jumping also offered up at ‘Extremo’, there is more chance of hell freezing over than me jumping off that bungee.


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