Punta Gorda Life

I’m currently staying with a good friend of mine down in Punta Gorda in southern Belize. This place is so laid-back that Belizeans call it by its initials, P.G., which suits its Caribbean vibe. From good food, to kayaking on the river and nights out by the sea, you can see why the locals are so chill.

It’s only a five-hour bus ride from Belmopan, the capital, but the Toledo region down here could be a part of a different country from the north of Belize. It’s a pity we don’t come here on tour to show the contrast. Ironically we actually pass by about 20km from here on tour, but just over the border in Livingston, Guatemala.

I’ve been taking advantage of my time off down here. The day I arrived we drove to the stunning Blue Creek caves, which also gave me my first experience of driving a pickup truck (and on the wrong side of the road too). I’d almost pass for a local if I wasn’t so skin-blindingly white.


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