Getting Around Belize In Style

I don’t think I’ve given chickenbuses enough appreciation in this blog. They are one of the coolest modes of transport I’ve ever taken. They are old American-style school buses repainted and rebranded into public buses that bring you all over the country.

Most companies only run certain routes in different regions, paint their fleet different colours, and usually carry the names of the families that run them. You can sit back and relax on padded chairs, watch the tropical countryside fly by the window, and listen to the reggae the driver is pumping out. (Sidenote: if you don’t like reggae, tough luck).

Because they were originally built for children’s legs, the legroom isn’t the best, but it’s still more comfortable than your average Ryanair flight. Oh, and ‘chickenbuses’ you ask? Sometimes you actually do find chickens on the seat next to you. Mmm…free range lunch.


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