Good Friday Blues

Easter week around Central America is a big deal. I found myself down in Cahuita on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica with a group of 10. There was no room at our usual place in town due to “Semana Santa” so we found ourselves staying in a lovely yoga retreat called “The Goddess Garden” in the middle of the jungle.

However, with only one taxi driver (Alejandro) in town, and the hotel 5km away from the centre, we faced a problem getting to the shops and restaurants. We started walking but after a few minutes I flagged down a big pickup truck to give us a lift into town with us piled into the back. Fresh.

Returning home was a trickier affair and it meant negotiating with anyone who had a car to bring us home. I found a guy, Johnny, who was happy to play taxi driver for the evening, but who had recently got 20″ rims so could only take a couple of people at a time. A unique driving experience. ‘Twas all grand in the end, but a mad day.


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