Your Bus Will Arrive…’Mañana’

Bus timetables can be challenging to figure out in some countries. The public buses in Nicaragua, for example, don’t have set departure times and therefore the departures are not written down. Generally speaking there’s a chickenbus every hour-ish on most routes (although the ‘ish’ in Latin America can be elongated to a few hours). It’s a case of having to go down to the station in person and asking around. The following is an example of a common conversation down at the station:

Me: “What time does the first bus go tomorrow?”
Local: “When it leaves.”
Me: “…Right. And what time is that?”
Local: “[Waves hand] Oh, after it arrives!”

This example highlights the endearing ‘Mañana’ culture, similar to the Irish philosophy of ‘It’ll be grand’. And it was grand, we got the 8am bus the next morning – proof that Latin American logic works.


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