Alternate Blog Titles

I’ve outlined in my first post how I tried to come up with snappy titles that would draw a prospective reader in. I decided on the current “Slothing Around Central America” title even though the verb “to sloth” is somewhat made up. Plus my Autocorrect keeps changing it to “Clothing Around Central America”, a fashion blog which, given my lack of dress sense, would be a lot more boring. I can only hope the Oxford English Dictionary will soon recognise “slothing” as a legitimate verb.

Previously, I was toying with the idea of calling it “The Wolfe of Central America” with the pun on my surname. You can never have enough puns. But I decided against it due to the negative connotations of the Martin Scorcese film. After all, there are no drugs, hookers or high-rolling bankers in my life, so it would be fairly misleading. It suits me more to sloth around to my heart’s content.


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